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2013 Hyundai HB20

2013 Hyundai HB20

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2013 Hyundai HB20 – Hyundai Motor Brasil (HMB), the wholly-owned part of Hyundai Motor Company, released the long-awaited Brazil-exclusive product, officially getting into the biggest and many competitive section in the state’s auto marketplace. The Hyundai HB20 small hatchback is going to be the very first model to become produced in Hyundai’s fully-owned brand new plant within Piracicaba, that will officially keep an opening wedding ceremony later this particular year. Creation of the brand new vehicle will start on September. 20, whilst sales will start at the begining of October.

2013 hyundai hb20 2013 Hyundai HB20

2013 Hyundai HB20

“For Hyundai, the release of HB20 indicates much more than just presenting new. In contrast to our other versions currently offered within Brazil, HB20 is actually the first product strategically developed as well as produced exclusively with regard to the Brazilian marketplace. The brand new car is actually optimized in order to the flavor of Brazilian customers and the traveling conditions within this nation, with over twenty years of commitment from our technicians. I assure with pride which HB20 will alter the understanding of Brazilian clients in the little car section, inch Chang Kyun Han, President of HMB, stated at the starting event, that was held in Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba within the eastern Brazilian state of Bahia.

2013 Hyundai HB20 Picture 2013 Hyundai HB20

2013 Hyundai HB20 Picture

Providing modernity and built with the most recent technologies to distinguish itself through the competition, almost all nine variations of the Hyundai HB20 may have an extensive bundle of items provided as standard through entry amounts: Hydraulic power steering, double top airbags, air-conditioning, the spoiler having a built-in braking system lights, the rear windscreen wiper and storage space compartments for many travellers, mention just a few. The title “HB” means Hyundai Brasil, whilst the quantity “20″ is actually the company’s portrayal for vehicles within this section, a group that includes versions assembled on little or compact automobile systems.

Hyundai devoted approximately five many years to build up the brand new model, that is component of the carrier’s larger regionalization technique. Many of Brazilian as well as Korean engineers had been associated with the task during the getting pregnant phase to build up a perfect car which could manage Brazil’s typical street conditions, along with fulfill consumers’ emotional requirements. Primarily, Hyundai positioned great importance upon design, taking into consideration Brazilian customers’ sensitivity to fashionable and fuel-efficient vehicles. HB20, Hyundai’s very first flex-fuel car, additionally features advanced anti theft functions for optimum security.

2013 Hyundai HB20 Rear Angle 2013 Hyundai HB20

2013 Hyundai HB20 Rear Angle

The Hyundai HB20 is really a compact as well as economical model which is poised to become standard in style because of its moving lines, outstanding finish as well as the high quality of its set up. Depending on Hyundai’s Fluidic Figurine design viewpoint, HB20′s exterior details highlight the modern as well as sporting outlines of the hatchback. The high waist-line as well as rear accentuates the stylishness and uniqueness. The Hyundai HB20′s interior additionally differentiates itself through competitors using its modern quality, elegance, enjoyment functionality. The amazing details and top quality of the finish are instantly noticeable, whilst chrome, metal and leather-covered components are options which improve the model’s stylishness much more. Inside the search to increase consumer comfort and ease, the HB20 offers achieved a few of the cheapest noise and coup levels inside the class, whilst the large interior will shock customers.

2013 Hyundai HB20 Interior 2013 Hyundai HB20

2013 Hyundai HB20 Interior

The Hyundai HB20 includes 3 powertrains: 1. 0L as well as 1. 6L, having a manual gear-box as well as 1. 6L, along with automatic transmission. The vehicle’s 5-speed guide gearbox has accurate and perfect changing, providing enjoyment an instant reaction. The automated option has 4 gears, along with smooth altering. All variations have the flex-fuel engine. The 1. 0L product has 3 cylinders and benefits in power because of reduced rubbing and better power efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption, a decrease in pollutant emissions as well as lower maintenance expenses. It really is regarded as 6% stronger compared to the segment’s typical. The 1. 6L edition has 4 cylinders and produces 23% more energy compared to the segment’s typical. The Hyundai HB20 comes with the continuous variable valve timing (CVVT), that improves the air-fuel blend both at lower and high rpm, resulting in enhanced performance and energy usage.

2013 Hyundai HB20 Cargo Area 2013 Hyundai HB20

2013 Hyundai HB20 Cargo Area

The HB family members will also possess sedan as well as crossover versions which will arrived at market throughout 2013. The 3 models will become produced in Hyundai’s first flower within Brazil. The Piracicaba manufacturer handles 1, 390, 000 sq . meters of property, of that 69, 000 sq . meters will are made up of services. The flower is Hyundai’s 7th overseas manufacturing foundation outside Southern Korea, right after Turkey, India, China, the United States, the Czech Republic as well as Russia. The organization} invested a complete of US$ 600 million within the services. HMB has employed 1, 600 workers with plans to improve this number in order to 2, 000 through 2013. Hyundai’s Piracicaba flower, along with its providers, will make an extra 3, 000 work. It will likewise not directly produce 20, 000 job in the area.

2013 Hyundai HB20

2013 Hyundai HB20 2013 Hyundai HB204.01133

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